Core Web Vitals and Pagespeed Dashboard by Webpage

Michael Van Den Reym
3 min readJul 11, 2021

Google’s latest update is going to make loading speed increasingly important. How can you improve the load time of your site without having to manually check every page? Use Google Pagespeed API, which will show areas where improvements in loading speeds are needed and how much they would affect that specific web vitals or pagespeed for users.

Screaming Frog Pagespeed API

By using Screaming Frog, the Pagespeed API is integrated and can be used when crawling your website. Before you start crawling a site with this software make sure to enter their pagespeed api key by selecting configuration -> API Access -> Pagespeed Insights.

Where do you get the API key? You can make an API key at and don’t forget to enable the Pagespeed Insight API:

So, nowScreaming Frog crawls all your pages to identify any performance issues and provides you with a comprehensive overview of how these are impacting customers’ experiences on your site.

You get an instant snapshot of what’s happening throughout the entire structure-you don’t have to wait for reports or spend hours investigating yourself!

The Page Performance Google Data Studio Dashboard

The Screaming Frog plugin is a great tool for analyzing your website’s SEO. It analyzes each page on the site and provides an in-depth review of its performance, including how well it meets Google’s guidelines based on Pagespeed and Core Web Vitals issues.

Data Studio can then be used to import this information into beautiful dashboards that offer visual representations of these findings as they relate to specific pages or sections of the website being analyzed.

I made 3 pages in the report, the first page is an overview of the CWV metrics by page.

The second page shows you where you can improve the images

And in the third page you can see the script performances by page.

You can find the data studio report on this link.

Now, let’s start optimizing.

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