Measurefest “Data Visualisation for SEO professionals” talk on Brighton SEO

Would you like to know why data visualisation is important and how you can create great visualisations for keyword rankings and organic search performance in PowerBI and Google Data Studio?

Find my slides here:

You can connect with me on Twitter or LinkedIn.


Google Data Studio

Copy from

You will find:

1. actionable keyword research from a Google sheet

2. Pixel rankings from a Google Sheet.

3. Google Search Console — custom fields.

Caution: You have to edit the custom field “branded” and “landing page group” in order to make this work as well as connect to the correct search console views.

You can’t edit the custom fields in the blended data though! So you need tochange this in the Google Search Console source datasets.


A python script in Google Colab:

This will look up result types and pixels for a list of keywords.

You need to have a account with API credits to use this. (You can get $1 dollar API credits free if you sign up).



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